Tonight at Dram is the last chance to buy any club stickers before september, I'll be there from about 10 ...

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Adding some serious miles to the GUSA minibus odometer this weekend and setting off at the earlier time of 1.30pm, are the following folk:

Duncan Butler (2124817)
Mike Snape (2149560)
David Southgate (2198207)*
Emma Cairns (2014638) *
Ellie McEntee (2273800)*
Ignacy Czayewski (2063146)
Paul Thomas (2176251)*
Sam Evington (2098751)
Tomas Aidukas (2035231)
Victor Lovic (2186984)

Asterix indicates return journey only.

If you are travelling up to Reiff with passengers, please can you let me know and I will add your name to the list so that we can arrange paying the campsite.

Also if you have any empty seats in cars travelling up on Saturday/Sunday please let me know, as there are two people in need of lifts. Many thanks and looking forward to another fantastic trip!! Safe journey everyone 🙂

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REIFF MEET Friday, 2nd -- Sunday, 11th June

Hi all,

Have had lots of people asking if there's still places for Reiff -- if you're keen, there is space on the minibus, please comment on this post and I'll get your name on the list ☺️👍🏻 £15 return, £7 a night camping


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A heads up on minibus action in Reiff (this involves everyone, not just those taking the bus to and from the meet).

We currently have quite a small number of people planning on taking the minibus to Reiff, as a result the club faces making quite a big loss on fuel money. Because of this we're going to have to charge for shuttling rights on the meet.

To use the minibus for shuttles will cost £5 for the full ten days or 50p per day if you're not planning on staying the full trip. This should be paid to David at the beginning of the meet. Those who ride the bus to/from Reiff and anyone who drives the shuttles won't have to pay.

It's a shame we're having to do this and we hope we'll get a few more people on the bus to make it unnecessary, but at the end of the day the club pays for the minibuses and we have to cover those costs somehow.


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